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OneSpan Sign for Microsoft SharePoint and OneSpan Sign for SharePoint Online


The company names eSignLive by Vasco and Silanis Technology are being changed to OneSpan. In turn, the product name eSignLive is being changed to OneSpan Sign. In this document, the names OneSpan Sign and eSignLive can be used interchangeably.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-application framework developed by Microsoft.

OneSpan Sign for SharePoint Online is a SharePoint add-in that lets organizations access and use OneSpan Sign capabilities from within a SharePoint site and library.

This application allows SharePoint users to:

  • Prepare, manage and send documents for signing
  • Sign documents and access the signing ceremony from SharePoint
  • Select documents from any SharePoint document library or desktop
  • Add SharePoint users as recipients, or add recipient information when selecting external recipients
  • Select additional recipient authentication, such SMS and Q&A
  • Define the signing order (serial and parallel signing) as well as selecting online or in-person signing
  • Track the process of individual transactions
  • Use transaction templates to automate transaction creation
  • View administrative reports
  • Optionally, store documents back in SharePoint
  • Customize the signer experience across any channel and any device, including mobile

e-Signed documents include embedded audit trails and tamper-evident signatures that record who signed, in what order, when and where.

OneSpan Sign for SharePoint Online

OneSpan Sign for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

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How to Use OneSpan Sign for Microsoft SharePoint