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OneSpan Sign iOS SDK: Version 4.2

The OneSpan Sign iOS SDK is a feature that enables users to run e-signature processes from mobile devices that use iOS 10 and higher.

This SDK employs a server-client model, with a OneSpan Sign product as "server" and a company's mobile application as "client". The server can be either a SaaS product (e.g., OneSpan Sign Professional) or an on-premises product (e.g., OneSpan Sign).

Because of this server-client model, this feature won't work until both of the following have been configured:

For any issues see Troubleshooting

Strictly speaking, the OneSpan Sign iOS SDK is only on the client side. The role of the server side is to provide support for the OneSpan Sign iOS SDK.

Download the OneSpan Sign iOS SDK.

To view Release Notes for the OneSpan Sign iOS SDK, click OneSpan Sign iOS SDK: Release Notes.

Server-Side Software

Signing on mobile devices via the OneSpan Sign iOS SDK will not work unless supporting server-side software has been provided. That server-side software becomes available as soon as you create your SaaS account.