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Text Anchors

Text Anchor Extraction enables a package sender to position a field or signature, based on the text inside an uploaded document.

This guide’s REST API chapter provides an overview of certain basic API calls. If you want to view all existing calls, see the REST API Object Model. Additional information about the calls can be found on the Developer Community website. That site’s Feature Guides may be especially helpful when you’re building your solution.

Anatomy of a Text Anchor

When you build a Text Anchor, you must configure the parameters in the following table.

Parameter Purpose
text (string) The exact string that will be searched for in the uploaded document
index (integer) The "occurrence" of the string. For example, if index = 2, the software will skip the first two occurrences of Anchor Text, and use the third occurrence to calculate position.
characterIndex (integer) The index of the character within the Anchor Text that will be used to calculate position
anchorPoint (string) Which corner of the specified character to use as the base for calculating position
leftOffset (integer) An absolute offset applied to the final x value
topOffset (integer) An absolute offset applied to the final y value
height (integer) The height of the field position to be calculated
width (integer) The width of the field position to be calculated

Example Request