The following sections describe various aspects of eSignLive's REST API:

TIP: If you click here, you can view the REST API Object Model (the JSON schema of all objects used in the payloads of API calls).


The following sections list the bases that apply to all REST API URLs referenced in the documentation.

US Customers on eSignLive 11.x

This table applies to US customers who use eSignLive 11.x.

Environment Base
US eSignLive Production
US Sandbox

US Customers on eSignLive 10.x

This table applies to US customers who use eSignLive 10.x.

Environment Base
US eSignLive Production
US Sandbox

US Government Customers

This table applies to US government customers.

Environment Base
eSignLive Production for Government
eSignLive Sandbox for Government

Canadian Customers

This table applies to Canadian customers.

Environment Base
PRDC Canada Production
SBXC Canada Sandbox

Australian Customers

This table applies to Australian customers.

Environment Base
Australia Production

European Customers

This table applies to European customers.

Environment Base
Europe Production

API Versions

Version 10.6 of the REST API added Extended Form Fields.

Version 10.7 of the REST API added the Use Your Own Device option.

To use those or any other new features, your API requests must contain your API version number, as illustrated here: Accept: application/json; esl-api-version=10.7

Other Documentation

The following sections describe additional aspects of the REST API:

  1. Account Custom Fields
  2. Account Overview
  3. Accounts
  4. Approvals
  5. Authentication Tokens
  6. Designer
  7. Documents
  8. File Attachments
  9. Groups
  10. Layouts
  11. Notary e-Journal
  12. Packages
  13. Package Settings for Mortgages
  14. Package Settings for Digital Lending
  15. Reminders
  16. Reports
  17. Roles
  18. Signature Image Extraction
  19. Signing Ceremony Settings
  20. Signing URL
  21. Templates
  22. Text Anchors
  23. User Custom Fields