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Package Settings for Mortgages

OneSpan Sign has created an OneSpan Sign Digital Mortgage Solution that can store an e-Note from a mortgage transaction in a digital vault.

In particular, OneSpan Sign vaults a single e-Note in SMART Document format for a specific package.

Creating a package or template with the REST API always involves certain standard settings — see Signing Ceremony Settings.

To instruct the OneSpan Sign system to vault an e-Note, integrators must include the following two additional fields in their code:

This guide’s REST API chapter provides an overview of certain basic API calls. If you want to view all existing calls, see the REST API Object Model. Additional information about the calls can be found on the Developer Community website. That site’s Feature Guides may be especially helpful when you’re building your solution.


This field contains a base64-encoded XML string. That string contains enough information to create the SMART Document (including the loan's value, the borrower's details, and the address of the mortgaged property).

This field must be formatted using the XML format in the Data > Main section of the MISMO SMART Document 1.02 specification.


Here is a sample value of a base64-decoded enote_data_section field:

<LOAN MISMOVersionIdentifier="2.3">
            <LOAN_FEATURES LienPriorityType="FirstLien" LoanMaturityDate="2030-01-01 00:00:00" OriginalPrincipalAndInterestPaymentAmount="1111.99" ScheduledFirstPaymentDate="2006-01-01 00:00:00">
                <LATE_CHARGE _GracePeriod="15" _Rate="5.000"></LATE_CHARGE>
                <NOTE_PAY_TO _City="Springfield" _PostalCode="99999" _State="MI" _StreetAddress="5555 Example Drive"></NOTE_PAY_TO>
        <MERS MERS_MINNumber="100316200000000012"/>
        <MORTGAGE_TERMS LenderLoanIdentifier="999999999" NoteRatePercent="5.300" OriginalLoanAmount="205000.00" PaymentRemittanceDay="1"></MORTGAGE_TERMS>
        <PROPERTY _City="Greenfield" _County="Green" _PostalCode="00000" _State="CA" _StreetAddress="100 Main Street" _StreetAddress2="Green">
            <PARSED_STREET_ADDRESS _HouseNumber="100" _StreetName="Main Street"></PARSED_STREET_ADDRESS>
        <BORROWER BorrowerID="N1001" NonPersonEntityIndicator="N" _FirstName="Homer" _LastName="Homeowner" _MiddleName="J." _SSN="555555559" _SequenceIdentifier="1" _UnparsedName="HomerJHomeowner"></BORROWER>
        <BORROWER BorrowerID="N1002" NonPersonEntityIndicator="N" _FirstName="Patricia" _LastName="Purchaser" _MiddleName="P." _SSN="666666669" _SequenceIdentifier="2" _UnparsedName="PatriciaPPurchaser"></BORROWER>
        <EXECUTION _City="Orange" _Date="2006-01-01 00:00:00" _State="CA"></EXECUTION>
        <LENDER _UnparsedName="Sample Banking Group"></LENDER>


This field contains a base64-encoded JSON string, which in turn contains the following parameters.

Parameter Required? Description
enote_name Yes Name that will be given to the e-Note in the associated OneSpan Sign transaction (and later to the e-Note in the e-Vault Manager)
org_uid Yes Unique ID of the Organization. This is the same Organization ID used by users when they log into the e-Vault Manager Console.
vault_id Yes Numerical ID of the Vault in which the e-Note will be stored. An Organization Administrator can see the Vault ID by viewing the Vault's details in the e-Vault Manager Console.
transaction_name Yes Name that will be given to the e-Vault Manager transaction used to register the e-Note with the e-Vault Manager
loanOriginators Yes

The value of this parameter is a JSON array that must contain one or more entries, each of which has the following three elements:

  • nmlsId — Identifier assigned to the Loan Originator by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System And Registry

  • unparsedName — Name of the Loan Originator individual or Organization
  • nonPersonEntityIndicator — Possible values are Y and N. Y indicates that this Loan Originator data represents an Organization. N indicates that this Loan Originator data represents an individual.
enote_template_name No

Name of the template that will be used to create the SMART Document. The supported values are:

  • template_3200_enote.xml — This is for the form "Multistate Fixed Rate eNote 3200e".
  • template_3244-1_enote.xml — This is for the form "Texas Home Equity eNote 3244.1".

  • template_3244-2_enote.xml — This is for the form "Texas Home Equity eNote Second Lien".


    "enote_name": "enote",
    "enote_template_name": "template_3200_enote.xml",
    "transaction_name": "t",
    "org_uid": "org1",
    "vault_id": "1",
    "loanOriginators": [{
        "nmlsId": "1000000",
        "unparsedName": "Sample Lender Person",
        "nonPersonEntityIndicator": "N"
        "nmlsId": "1323233",
        "unparsedName": "Sample Lender Corp.",
        "nonPersonEntityIndicator": "Y"