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Account Overview

This section describes the following field related to an account overview:

This guide’s REST API chapter provides an overview of certain basic API calls. If you want to view all existing calls, see the REST API Object Model. Additional information about the calls can be found on the Developer Community website. That site’s Feature Guides may be especially helpful when you’re building your solution.


GET /packages/overview


Get overview information about the current account.

Resource Information

Resource Family overview
Authentication Authentication Tokens
Content-type application/json
Accept application/json

Optional Query Parameters

from Specify the date range from which records will be included in the report. Set the earliest date as from, and the latest date as to. If no dates are specified, the default value is the current day.

Example Request

GET https://sandbox.e-signlive.com/api/packages/overview?startDate=2015-05-19&endDate=2016-05-30

Response Payload

	"transactions": 34,
	"require_my_signature": 0,
	"waiting_on_others": 0,
	"about_to_expire": 0,
	"expired": 0,
	"completed": 0,
	"draft": 34,
	"cancelled": 34,
	"in_progress": 0