Integrator's Guide

Document Purpose

The product called eSignLive provides a complete e-signature platform for the Web, including preparing, distributing, reviewing, signing, and downloading documents.

This guide tells developers how to integrate their Web application with eSignLive™ using our REST Integration Model.

After successful integration, an organization can invite people to sign documents instantly using their own Web application.

Document Audience

This guide is intended for developers who are familiar with at least one of the following:

  • The Java programming language and Java APIs
  • The C# programming language

Document Organization

The rest of this guide has the following chapters:

  • Getting Started — An overview of concepts and procedures relevant to getting started with your integration
  • System Requirements — A summary of the software requirements for integration
  • SDKs — A description of our SDKs (Software Development Kits), which are built on our REST API
  • REST API — A description of our REST API, which is the entry point for all external interactions with our product
  • REST API Object Model — A JSON schema of all objects used in the payloads of API calls
  • Event Notifier — A description of the Event Notifier, a component that can notify integrators when certain steps of the integration have been accomplished
  • External Signer Verification: A description of External Signer Verification, which verifies the identity of a signer via their credentials with an external organization (e.g., DIGIPASS credentials).
  • Accessibility Support — A description of the Accessibility Support component that enables blind and visually impaired signers to review and sign documents.
  • iFrame Best Practices — A description of certain best practices for using iFrames to integrate eSignLive's Classic User Experience or New User Experience into a third-party application.

NOTE: SDKs and the REST API are alternative ways of integrating your Web application.

TIP: For additional features that may prove useful when you're building your solution, the Feature Guides provide great examples for getting the most out of your integration.