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Creating a Transaction

A transaction is the experience of a OneSpan Sign user as they review, accept, sign, and potentially download documents. The sender of a transaction generally performs the procedures in the following sections:

To create a new transaction:

  1. On the Dashboard, click New Transaction. The Create New Transaction page appears.
  2. Type a Name for the transaction. This is a required field. Optionally, you can type a Description for the transaction.
  3. If you want to create the transaction from a template, choose one from the Select a template drop-down list. This list displays all templates created by the user, and all templates created by other users that are marked as shared. A special icon is visible next to each shared template.
  4. Optional: Use the Settings button to specify these additional settings:
    • Expiry Date — Specify a date by which all documents must be signed. Once the transaction has expired, it will no longer be available for signing. You cannot choose as the expiry date the current date or a date in the past.
    • Enable in-person signing — Enables the transaction to be signed in person by all signers on the same device.
    • Enable notarization — Configures the transaction for notarization. Notarization is used in various circumstances (e.g., transferring land, transferring vehicles, insurance settlements, liens, trusts). For more information, see e-Notary.
    • Time Zone — The time zone used to display all dates on the transaction's signed documents.
    • Language — The language in which the transaction will appear.
    • Review before completion — Enables you to review the transaction and all its signed documents after all signers have signed, but before you complete the transaction.
    • Email Reminders — Configures reminders that will be sent automatically to all recipients of a transaction who have not yet signed. For more, see Managing Transaction Reminders.
    • Message to all recipients — Enables you to send a message that will be viewed by all recipients as part of the transaction's invitation email. If a template is selected, this field will be populated from the template.
  5. Click Create.

Once you've created a transaction, you can begin adding documents to it. See Documents.